Acupuncture looks at the overall health of a person as well as their individual conditions. It helps integrate aspects of our lives. Acupuncture developed through close observation of Nature. It looks at how the seasons change throughout the year and balance and harmony is   maintained. I currently use a combination of 5 Element and TCM depending on the individual person and their needs. I also use Zero Balancing,         a gentle hands-on form of body work that complements acupuncture very well. I think acupuncture works well as an approach to staying healthy. It incorporates an interest in nutrition, exercise and minimal intervention   that resonates with many of us. It is a beautiful and effective system that may be used independently of or alongside Western medical treatment. It may also be used to look closely at specific symptoms. Conditions that have been shown to improve with acupuncture include backache, back pain, dental pain, headaches, rheumatic pain, nausea and neck ache. Many women are turning to acupuncture for help with fertility, pregnancy, labour and postnatal issues. For women and men deciding  to have medical assistance,  I offer support and flexible times throughout IVF and other fertility treatment. Increasingly there seems to be an understanding that acupuncture can work effectively together with Western medicine and form part of an integrated medical approach. For example a person receiving chemotherapy might have acupuncture to help relieve nausea and pain. There are situations where the two approaches can offer mutual benefits and insights.