Our baby is now six weeks old and doing really well. Thank you, you really helped me and gave me a lot of strength and positivity. L.S  Juliet has given me confidence to chase up doctors about things I would have just let go. She is very understanding and doesn’t make me feel silly. C.B  Her thoroughness, understanding and treatment of medical conditions, in conjunction with or separately from orthodox medicine, illustrates the role of holistic healing. P.B  I have felt acupuncture to be generally beneficial in a number of ways, the treatment has been money well spent. E.W  I am experiencing that the only way to be productive, concentrated and efficient at work is by being healthy, relaxed and balanced and I would definitely recommend Juliet as the right practitioner. B.E   I have now had acupuncture with Juliet for a while and have hardly any migraines and no nausea. S.L  My appointments with Juliet not only include acupuncture but also provide me with coping strategies, time to discuss and resolve emotional status. Even though the treatment is not designed to cure my chronic juvenile arthritis, it does make a huge impact on it. E.J  You have given me a lot of strength to cope with a difficult period in my life. N.L  After a tough year and feeling that the signs of stress had been indelibly etched on my face, with saggy baggy tired skin (my words not hers!) , the sessions gave me a much needed pick me up. After 4-6 sessions I began to notice my face looked visibly less drawn and tired and my deep smile lines had reduced. I am thrilled with the results and although this treatment is more cosmetically focused acupuncture it is still very much a holistic experience, Juliet added constitutional needles if I needed them. C.B